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The Bulletin  -  Issue 20  -  September 2015

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The Bulletin - Issue 16 - February 2015

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1. From the President

I hope you are all finding, as I am, that generally there is a more a confident and forward looking attitude about, certainly real estate is brightening up although its probably because my office won Top Office for the Professionals group again. (Cant keep the old bugger down)

Another, hopefully interesting Bulletin for you. The Cadi has been on some great runs with just the right weather for cruising and of course everything is still so green.

Good to see that Ian and Alma have moved into their new home and that Alma is having a great time (WHY? – buying new things).

Congratulations to Honey and Peter for the prize they won on the Murray Bridge Auto Collectors Club run (story inside).

I’m having a positive response to obtaining sponsorship for the Bulletin (money to the club of course) and hope to finalise in weekending 11th October.

You know, sometimes writing the Bulletin requires taking photos myself – and I don’t have the knack like Dianne and Alby – mind you I’m sometimes not very good at “washing up” the dishes – but Margaret hasn’t fallen for that trick yet.

And lastly, thank you to our Secretary Tracy. The first report seems mountainous – great report Tracy.

Last comment:

OF COURSE I TALK TO MYSELF! Sometimes I need expert advice.







2. From the Secretary

Hello all from your new Club Secretary. Thanks for this opportunity to serve the club, hopefully I can leave my mark as Colleen and Pat has. Even though they are both big shoes to fill.

Since coming into the role of secretary we have only had the one outing - Cruise to Whispering Wall with 9 Cadillac’s on what turned out to be an enjoyable time of fellowship even with the turmoil that the spring wind provides. Thanks Bill for helping out with the day and bringing along an intriguing and educational selection of 1930 Depression era glass for show and tell. Hopefully we can encourage future show and tell events.

This week I have received many SA club membership receipts form our National Membership Secretary which I will bring along to Club Events and distribute.

We also welcome Stephen and Marion Glasohm, of Moonta Bay who have a 1964 DeVille Convertible.

Be Safe and Keep your cars happy out in the sunshine,



3. Committee Meeting

Your committee met on Sunday the 8th of September, 10.30am at Rob and Maxine Williams’s house at West Lakes.

The guest speaker was Steve Henderson, President of the Federation of Historic Vehicles who discussed with us the latest rulings on the issuing of log books – and it was pleasing to report that we are following and abiding by the rules.

The new route for the classics run in the Bay to Birdwood on Sunday the 29th of September was also discussed, with concern voiced of where "the crowds" were going to stand because this had always been a feature of the run.

The Secretary’s, Treasurer’s and President’s reports were also given, with the Treasurer reporting Club account at $8,359.41 and the Margaret Dunning account at $706.10. The success of the AGM was discussed with positive comments from all with appreciation expressed regarding the car models on show. Not one negative comment was received by the Committee so apparently the 65 attendees enjoyed themselves.

Forthcoming events of the Whispering Wall and the October weekend Clare run were discussed in detail and further discussion took place regarding the new Committee Booklet now complete with a QR Code which enables members to view our website using a smart phone.

Next year there will be another Margaret Dunning Award for a female member in Australia. Details of this award as well as next years National Meeting in Busselton in WA together with a requirement for SA to organise a Committee to start planning for our National Meeting in 2018, were spoken to at length.

The meeting finished at 1pm and was followed by fellowship, food and drinks. And a sincere thanks to Rob and Maxine for the use of their lovely home at West Lakes.

Further to the meeting I circulated an email to Committee Members suggesting dates for future meetings – this will be discussed at the next Events Committee meeting on 13th October.

A suggestion to let all members know when the Committee Meetings are going to be held i.e. inviting any members who wish to attend may do so – was met with a very positive response.

The only problem would be how many would attend BUT, one problem at a time – we’ll see how it goes.




4. Murray Bridge—Twin Bridges Run

On Friday 6th September we set off the Auto Collectors Club Murray Bridge 2013 Twin Bridges Run.

 We arrived at their Club Rooms in Johnstone Park - combined clubrooms to collect our run bags and stayed for dinner served from 6pm - beautiful home style casseroles prepared by the ladies of the club members.

 After dinner we booked into the Bridgeport Hotel - never travelling lightly it took some time to trek our belongings via the gaming lounge to the first floor accommodation.

 Saturday morning we assembled at Sturt Reserve car park for a photo shoot and car judging. There were 71 entrants.

 We departed at 0915 to the Springton Oval via Palmer and Mt Pleasant for morning tea - departing   at 11am for Tanunda via Menglers Hill for lunch at the Kegel Bowling Club.  We were given an observation quiz to do along the way.

 A Tourist bus at Menglers Hill gave the visitors an added bonus of looking at the many varied entrants which included  Cadillac, Mazda, Studebaker, Chrysler, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Plymouth, Austin, Austin 7 Ruby, BMW, Dodge, Holden, Hillman, MG, Fargo, Jaguar, Toyota, Chevrolet, Packard - a great variety to view and photograph.

 A salad lunch was served together with fruit.  The Kegel Club was open to the entrants - me being German, could not the resist the urge to have a Kegel - wow heavy ball but I managed to knock down 9 pins - great job I thought!!

 Following lunch we travelled to the Motor Bike & Chevy Car Museum then returned via Lyndoch, Williamstown (Whispering Wall) to Murray Bridge.

 The main dinner was held at the Bridgeport Hotel - lucky for us - no worries about drink driving - maybe only falling up the stairs!  The theme for the dinner was Op Shop, Formal or Casual. Peter was very lucky and won the Formal part - for males - in his gold tails and top hat.

 The Murray Bridge club always provide excellent entertainment - this year they included the school drummers - what talent - and their choirs - it is really nice how the community is always included.

 Our table was also very lucky in raffle prizes winning 13 prizes between us.

 Sunday morning after lugging everything back to the car - we had breakfast at the German Cake shop - beautiful breakfast - recommend stopping there any time.

 We met at the cub rooms for morning tea before going on a mystery drive.  We headed off promptly at 1030 for a 20 minute drive which took us towards Palmer.  We headed to 'Rollo’s' Joint' - have never heard of it - it is the private airfield for Rolly Hein - what an amazing project.  It has several hangers with a variety of small planes.

 We were kept waiting for about ten minutes during which time Rollo Hein told us  about his life and love of flying.

 We heard a buzz in the air and all eyes and ears strained towards the sky.  A small plane appeared and we had the most thrilling time.  We were guests to the most spectacular private aerobatic display - rolls, dives twists and turns - for about 20 minutes.  When the pilot completed his stunts - he flew low to the ground, turned the plane upside down wiggled his wings and took off.  What a display - absolutely breath taking.

 We were looking disappointed that the display had come to an end and all were saying - wish the plane would have landed.   Well - to our surprise the plane came back and did land - and who should step out of the plane - none other than Chris Spirou.  You can imagine our great delight having had this experience.  Chris Spirou a very agile 73 years old has won the Australian Aerobatic Championship 13 times - a remarkable achievement.

 He stayed about 1/2 an hour chatting then climbed into his shiny red plane.  On taking off, he would have been less than 50 feet off the ground when he again rolled the plane upside down, waved his wings and left.  What a show!!

 We then headed back to club - everyone in a buzz - for lunch and presentations.

 Again Peter had some luck - he won best post 1980 car for his category.  Our friends from Mildura - Lee and John Sandford won Ladies Choice for Lee's Austin - Ruby and also the prize for Best in their category 1920 - 1950.

 Peter and I also won the observation quiz with 17 out of 20!!

 So all in all a fantastic time was had - now for the Cadillac Nationals in Rotorua..............





  • Prize for best dressed—look forward to seeing you in it at the next cruise.
    Prize for best dressed—look forward to seeing you in it at the next cruise.
  • Another prize—that’s more of the Peter we know.
    Another prize—that’s more of the Peter we know.
Prize for best dressed—look forward to seeing you in it at the next cruise.
Prize for best dressed—look forward to seeing you in it at the next cruise.

5. Bay to Birdwood

A different route this year, the crowds watching from different places but there still seemed to be as many and some really magnificent vehicles in pristine condition.

The Cadi was ready and primed and polished and we set off with our neighbours at 6.30am arriving to join a queue on Tapley’s Hill Road which was a sign of things to come for the rest of the day.

Because the cars in the classic run are generally bigger than the Veteran/Vintage, the entrance park seemed to fill very quickly but with an egg and bacon sandwich and cup of coffee in hand it was time to look and talk and because the entrance number sticker has the description of the vehicle peering at it soon changes to talking to the owner about it? We didn’t get to see many of the 1650 cars assembled but enough to enjoy the many makes and models.

The official time for departure was 8.30am and we finally got away at 10.15am with the first slow up at Anzac Hwy. I did not notice some hoon in a 1973 Eldorado Convertible zooming along in the outside lane.

Turned right onto Glen Osmond Road and traffic was flowing reasonably well and then on to the Freeway. So far the watching crowds were plentiful but of course thinned out but the crowds on the bridges had a great view.

The turn off to Hahndorf was a bit of a bottle neck but on to the Onkaparinga Valley road (the name sums it up) was a pleasure, AND because we were going slowly we enjoyed it more. Verdua, Balhannah, Oakbank, Woodside, Charleston and Mt. Torrens all conjure thoughts of our magnificent “towns” (villages) and scenery.

Unfortunately this part was a bit stop & start, but being the talker that I am and being in a L.H. drive vehicle, I think I talked to most of them. – So yes – a very different route.

Some cars took the opportunity to call in to some of the interesting businesses and shops which is a great idea as it fills out the day. The reduced traffic allowed everything to move nicely and Birdwood was welcomed with opportunity to stretch our legs.

The food and the entertainment were enjoyable as per normal, followed by a tour of some of the cars and motor bikes.

The sun was strong, drinks required, and to be honest a need to sit down so at 4pm it was time for home via Chain of Ponds and the thoughts of another great cruise.

NO PHOTOS OF CADIS? Been there, done that. The Bay to Birdwood is about ALL CARS!

P.S. I still think the original route through Tea Tree Gully and Gumeracha is the best route for the Vintage/Veteran cars.





3. Whispering Wall

What a great day – nice and sunny – a cruise past the reservoir of Chain of
Ponds and the Little Para – really how do we use all that water!?, and finally the reservoir at the Whispering Wall, - and all organised to perfection by Bill and Tracey.

We met at Tea Tree Plaza at 10am but poor weather was expected so there were only 8 cadis. The normal convivial chat and welcome and we were on our way at 10.30am promptly.

It was fascinating that we took part of the course of the Bay to Birdwood run through Tea Tree Gully because this year, sadly its going up the freeway and as a member that goes every year (yes we go in the Vintage/Veteran Run) it was good to see what we are going to miss.

However, cadis are not really suitable for country roads (a bit wide) so it was a relief to the passengers in the left hand drive vehicles to turn off to Williamstown at the end of the Chain of Ponds.

It’s a great drive past the reservoir and a good road but the traffic at Williamstown slowed us down a bit at the Junction which allowed 2 drivers to continue the wrong way – which our Tail End Charlie - Bill didn’t notice. However it was good to have Lindo and Derek join everybody at the Whispering Wall eventually.

This is a much improved tourist venue with undercover areas with tables and seating.

Once encamped it was great to have “Murray” and Sharyn Saunders attend in their 1968 Deville (LPG) who were visiting the area on business, Colleen and Dave who had been to a bootleg (oops – sorry – car boot) sale and Ken & Vicki Ganeff & family in their 1968 Coup De Ville (Maroon I believe). Great to see you all.

On the day it should have been called the Windy Whispering Wall but the communal food was just great.

You know (this is the President talking) we really should read the instructions and participate because the cruise had a show and tell part – guess what?? Only Bill had something to show which was so very interesting. His passion is Depression glass (made during the depression years (No, Bill did not collect it then!!)) to help sales they added uranium – yes, and then called it Uranium Depression Glass. A glow in the glass can be achieved by using an ultra violet blue torch – well done Bill – your evident interest in this shone through and was appreciated by all – now why didn’t I take my interest in Napoleonic – tsk! Tsk! – next time.

The Whispering Wall heard many secrets I believe but before we all participated the Citroën Club arrived to enliven the day with an interesting discussion on our respective vehicles – Note: I still like a Citron 2CV with the canvas seats and canvas roll top hood and its “motor mower” engine.

A great day – very relaxing and a great interesting cruise.

Note: on the way home Margaret and I called in to spend our $30 gardening voucher at Vadoulis garden centre in Gawler – spent $196 – Margret that isn’t the way it’s supposed to work.




The Bulletin Issue 6

1. From the President

Well, my first AGM as President and I’m pleased to say that those who attended seemed to enjoy it – especially if you take into account the noise and the laughter.

As most of you are now aware Colleen has stood down as our secretary for business reasons and I’m pleased to report that Tracy Phillips has accepted the position. Thanks Colleen for a job well done and I look forward to working with Tracy – a very likeable and friendly person. Should you need to contact her, her details are in the Membership directory.

As stated in the AGM report we now have 87 members (as I recall the club started with 6) so we look forward to meeting all of you on future cruises.

Winter has set in and our next cruise is in September (15th) to the Whispering Wall for a picnic and show and tell. Bill was organising a Verteran's Day on August 18th @ Torrens Parade Ground an unofficial Club event which unfortunately has been cancelled.

However the Clare weekend on October 18th-19th and 20th looks great so please let Lindo Migone know if you’re interested, more details to follow.

And finally a big thank you to Dianne Kenney for all the photos she took at the AGM



The Core Committee

Neville, Derek, Bob, Kym and Tracy


2. Colleen's Final Secretary Report

Yes, that is correct folks. As of our recent AGM I have stepped aside from my role as club secretary and handed the batten over to a very capable Tracy Phillips.

However, just before I leave it all to Tracy, Derek has asked that I write up one last report.


So Derek, hope it was worth the wait!

Our most recent new members to join the club are Johnny & Annie Sturnela from Burnside.

Johnny & Annie own a 1960 4W Fleetwood Sedan. It is always great to have a few more fins in the club. Looking forward to seeing it on a run soon!

As I mentioned we have just had our AGM. Held at the Meadows Hotel. I think all who attended would agree that the meals were great and service equally as good. A silent auction and raffle was held to add a bit more fun to the event and to raise a few extra $ for the club. I personally would like to thank all the members who donated the fantastic array of merchandise for both raffle and auction. Many of the items were quite valuable and collectable. Well done team. That why I love this club, everyone does their bit in some way.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone for their support of me and the various roles I have played  on the committee for the last 6 years.  I have found the whole experience very enjoyable and rewarding. There are many members involved in a whole range of areas in our club including the core committee, communications, events committee and authorising officers. They all work very hard to keep things running smoothly and to present a vibrant and interesting club for us all to indulge in our passion for old Caddies. So folks please continue to support these fine people so that our club continues to prosper. Over & Out......

Keep Cruisin'




How your options change…  July 2013

Up until ten years ago every time someone mentioned going overseas, I would grab my soap box and announce to anyone who would listen “I will never go overseas until I have seen everything this beautiful country has to offer”.  At the time I felt very strongly on this principle.  My how things change.  Since the last time I made that statement Dianne and I had seen a fair portion of our wide brown land, but had also developed a love for the “land of the Free”.  Unfortunately the Aussie Dollar did nothing for us until 18months ago when it crept towards level pegging.  This would be our window of opportunity as our daughter was about to complete year 12 and defer uni for 6 months and our son would be in year 11.  What started as a pipe dream, finally came to fruition when on the 9th April 2013, we left Aussie shores behind bound for Los Angeles via Auckland.  On our second day in America we visited many tourist destinations including walk of fame, Chinese theatre, Hollywood sign but the highlight of the day was a trip to the Peterson Museum.  An incredible display of not only automobiles, but also Petrol memorabilia and even street scapes from a time many of us were not around to see.  Of course the “Hall of Fins” got my attention with so many Iconic vehicles.  No hall of fins would be complete without a Caddy of two or three with a mint condition 1959 Red convertible.  Just how to remove it from the building unnoticed by the security guard only metres away…   sadly it is still on display in LA if you get there.  Their souvenier shop boasted a huge range of all memorabilia.  But only our 2nd day in America, we still had so much more to see so we bought light.

Day 4 we left for Las Vegas.  Ian Robertson had kindly put Dianne in touch with Lauren Schweitzer (Membership Promotion and PR Publications Chairperson of the Cadillac La Salle Club of Las Vegas).  Luckily on the day of arrival there was an event at Town Square so Dianne had managed to keep this a secret to within a couple of miles.  Not sure how many vehicles over the two event, but upwards of 70 encompassing all eras from the first production in 1903 (Model A)  right up to the brand new model XTS 2013 supplied by their platinum sponsor Findlay Cadillac.  The event was aptly titled “Las Vegas Cadillac through the Years” celebrating 110 years of automobile excellence.  The cars were parked over a large section of the car park and then entwined through the streets of the Town Square.  There were hundreds of people everywhere.  It attracts around 20,000 visitors.  They had bands, giveaways, and of course judging.  It was their 8th annual Cadillac through the years.  We missed meeting Lauren on the day as she was busier than a bee of course but a little about her – “A native of Chicago who moved to Las Vegas 10 years ago. When she’s not working on her own 1994 Fleetwood Brougham she is selling parts at “All Cadillac’s of the 40’s and 50’s” located near South Point Hotel Casino.  Her dedication to Cadillac’s is evident with her Cadillac Script tattoo across her upper back.”  The Las Vegas club has 110 members.  So South Australia not too far behind in numbers.

Couple of days later we visited the Quad Museum – another gem Ian Robertson put us onto.  The Quad is being renovated so you had to navigate in and around all the building works.  Wasn’t easy to find it, but we knew it had to be there somewhere.  Up on Level 5 the very friendly lady at the counter explained to us how “AAA” card holders got in for free and she would honour our own “RAA” card.  Brilliant!  (Nothing so far for us had been cheap or even free).  The museum is home to around 250 antique, classic, muscle and special interest vehicles worth around $100 million dollars.  The most unusual thing about this museum is that all cars are for sale and can be purchased on site.  Spent a few happy hours here.  Then made a bus trip to see the “Pawn Stars” shop which was a disappointment – small and crammed with not much to purchase in our price range – unlike the show portrays.  But a block over was an antiques shop where I found a Cadillac hood ornament and a poker chip from the Flamingo Casino circa 1996 with a picture of a 1959 Cadillac on it. This shop was crammed with so much stuff.  Well worth the bus trip downtown.  Happy Days!

Route 66 here we come……

To be continued…….

Alby Kenney


  • Hope you didn't touch Alby
    Hope you didn't touch Alby
  • Hellvva place for a spare!?
    Hellvva place for a spare!?
Hope you didn't touch Alby
Hope you didn't touch Alby




September      CRUISE TO WHISPERING WALL – Sunday 15th Sept. picnic & show and tell.

ORGANISER – Bill & Tracey.

October          CLARE – WEEKEND SLEEPOUT – Fri-Sun 18-20th Sept. Staying at the beautiful CLARE VALLEY MOTEL. BOOK NOW PH: 08 8842 2799

Visit wineries, Martindale Hall and the historic Town of Mintaro.

ORGANISERS – Lindo & Derek

November VISIT THE CONSERVATORY & High Tea …… Sunday 10th November.


December XMAS AT VICTOR HARBOUR. Sunday 1st December. Picnic at Muwerang Kent Reserve.




5. Just a laugh

Mid Life Crisis

A man in his 40's bought a new Cadillac CTS convertible and was out for a nice evening drive. The top was down, the breeze was blowing through what was left of his hair, and he decided to open her up. As the needle jumped up to 90 mph, he suddenly saw flashing red and blue lights behind him. "There's no way they can catch a Cadillac CTS," he thought to himself and opened her up further. The needle hit 100, 120.... then the reality of the situation hit him. "What the hell am I doing?" he thought and pulled over. The cop came up to him, took his license without a word, and examined it and the car. "It's been a long day, this is the end of my shift, and it's Friday the 13th. I don't feel like more paperwork, so if you can give me an excuse for your driving that I haven't heard before, you can go." The guy thinks for a second and says, "Last week my wife ran off with a cop. I was afraid you were trying to give her back." "Have a nice weekend," said the officer 

6. Cars For Sale or Wanted


Original white paint with black leather interior soft, no cracks, near perfect. The steering wheel, dash, and trim faces timber finishes are all beautiful.

Features: A genuine 18000miles ONLY.  500 c.i. V8 Auto, tilt/telescopic wheel, cruise, power windows/locks/antenna, blinker monitoring system, cold air con – everything works except the clock.

This car has only travelled 18,094 miles – it is as new!

No rust, body damage or curb rash ever. This car has been carefully maintained and stored. This car is a time warp, it has been a Texas car all its life! All exterior trim including chrome, vinyl top, glass and moldings are in as new condition. The Deville is all original except for the  new tyres and battery. These mid 70’s Cadillac’s were built like tanks and are very strong and reliable. They glide along and are just so comfortable. 76 was the last year of the big engines and the big cars and are fast becoming very collectible.

Because they are mid 70’s they do not have all the pollution gear fitted so they give reasonable fuel consumption.

The car has recently been serviced. Australian compliant seatbelts have also been fitted.

Can be easy Registered and ready to drive away.  You will struggle to find a better one in Australia.  I was going to keep this car because it is so nice a real head turner.  I have owned this for 4 years and it has been on a few Cadillac outings Call me on 0418827666

thanks John Cooper. PRICED TO SELL AT $22.900 FOR THIS ISSUE ONLY!!










In 2008 our South Australian Club sponsored the 2008 Cadillac Escapade, or our version of the Cadillac LaSalle Club's National event, now sometimes known as a Cadillac Muster. During our many committee meetings leading up to the event we discussed what trophies and incentives we should award to owners of the best vehicles in each category. In recognition that most of those trophies and incentives would go to men, Hel Till, Steve Westmacott's wife, came up with the brilliant idea of introducing a prize for women who drove their Cadillacs during the event. And so the Margaret Dunning Award was born, firstly as a once off prize and then as an ongoing award to be presented to a worthy recipient at the semi annual Cadillac Muster. The award is recognised by all the Australian Clubs and has a level of prestige second only to the Ken Moss Award named after the Australian Club's first President.

This is the story of the inception of the award as it was written up in "LaCad" and later reprinted in the Motor City Region (Detroit) newsletter "The Standard."

"Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia to Establish Margaret Dunning Award"


The South Australia Committee of the Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia is to sponsor a new award for women members of the Club at the 2010, 2012 and 2014 National Rallies. With permission of Margaret Dunning, we propose to name this prize “The Margaret Dunning Award.” The award has the enthusiastic support of the National Committee.


The LaCad Summer 2006 edition included an inspiring article with photos of 96 year old Margaret Dunning who drove her gold 1966 Cadillac on the Woodward Dream Cruise. The article by Joel Thurtell describes Margaret’s knowledge & love of her collection of classic and vintage cars, coming from her history of working on cars & farm machinery with her father, a friend of Henry Ford. Now 98, Margaret still drives her cars and is an active member of the Motor City Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club in Michigan USA and of course the Cadillac & LaSalle Club of America. The SA Club actively encourages women members as drivers and owners of Cadillacs and initiated prizes for women at the 2008 National Rally in the Barossa Valley, resulting in more women taking an active role at these Nationals, some for the first time.


We admire Margaret’s sense of humour and enduring love of driving her

Cadillacs herself, and felt she is a fitting role model for other women. Margaret has confirmed she supports the proposed award. In fact after we contacted Margaret and discussed the concept she was so thrilled about the idea that she announced the fact at the very next meeting of the Motor City Region!


Purpose of the Award

  1. To acknowledge the active involvement of female members in promoting the interests of the Cadillac LaSalle Club.
  2. To further encourage female members to participate as enthusiasts and drivers of Cadillac and LaSalle vehicles in Club activities.


Process & Criteria for Selection

  1. Each State Committee can nominate a female member and provide supporting information for selection including a). Active Membership of the state club, b). Ownership and/or driving of Cadillac/LaSalle vehicle/s, and c). Promotion of the interests of the Cadillac LaSalle Club at a state and/or national level.
  2. The Award will be determined by the SA Club
  3.  The SA Committee will announce a winner at the National Rally
  4. Past winners will participate in the evaluation process and eventually will be the sole determinants of the winners in the same way as the Ken Moss Award is determined
  5. After the 2014 Western Australian Muster the responsibility for the Award and funds held by the South Australian Club for the Award will be handed over to the National Committee.



Margaret Dunning turned 103 years of age in June of this year. She lives in a small Tudor style house that her mother built in Plymouth, Michigan U.S.A. in 1927. Margaret has been a Banker, Philanthropist and car nut for many years. She owns a 1930 Packard Tourer, 1966 Cadillac Sedan, 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, a 2003 Cadillac Sedan and a 1930 Model A Ford. She is a meber of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club of America, Motor City Region of the CLC (Detroit) and is a life member of the our club.

Margaret remains very fit and agile.

Recent achievements include:

Attending the 2012 Pebble Beach Concourse event and winning an award for her 1930 Packard Tourer: go here for a video

Driving the big yellow Packard around Indianapolis speedway, and breaking the record for fastest speed for a women in a car of that year (suggested as 70mph!) as well as the record for the oldest woman (102) to drive around the track

Being awarded a University of Michigan scholarship so she can complete her studies for a Business Degree, something that was interrupted by the Great Depression. For more information go to this link







By Neal Rubin, The Detroit News, June 5, 2013

The driver was 102, the car was 83 and the speedometer hot 70mph.

The place was Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where you could say Margaret Dunning of Plymouth crossed another item off her bucket list last month– except the truth is, she’s unfamiliar with the term.

She’s just enjoying life the way she always has, doing interesting things when there’s opportunity and doing good when there’s need. As for her 1930 Packard 740, it probably could have gone faster on her three lap tour of Indy, but “remember, its an old car. You can put a rod through an engine pretty quick if you're not careful.”

Dunning doesn't just own cars, she knows them. Several of her vehicles are in museums, and three Cadillac's and an unrestored 1931 Ford Model A pickup share space with the Packard in her climate-controlled garage. And when its time to take one to the Amelia island Fla, Concours d’Elegance or Keels and Wheels in Seabrook , Texas, she does much of the prep work herself.

“The cutest little pickup you ever saw,” she says of her Model A. “I can always pick up a yard full of youngsters to take for ice cream cones when I go out and yell, ‘On the road again>“

Where Dunning’s generosity is concerned, ice cream is small potatoes. In 1971, for instance she donated more than $100,000 to build a new museum for the Plymouth Historical Society, and in 1998, she gave $1 million to build a 9,800-square-foot addition. Well before that, she bankrolled a library named for her mother.

“My hat is off to our ancestors,” she says, “to think what they persevered through.” And maybe this this is an easier perspective to have at her age, “but remember, what we think of as primitive times weren't too many years ago—just 150 or 175.”

Dunning grew up on a dairy farm in Redford Township. By high school her family was in Plymouth. Finances forced her to drop out of the U of M after two years, the Great Depression was raging, and she recalls going door to door to ask depositors to leave their money a bit longer in the bank where her mother held stock. She later spent 19 years as board president of Plymouth’s Community Federal Credit Union.

Dunning left banking to buy a Plymouth clothing store in 1947, expanded it, and sold it in 1968. since then she has served on various boards, bestowed grants through her private foundation, and become a familiar and beloved figure on the show car circuit.

She’s “a true gem,” says Kathleen Stiso Mullins, CEO of the Edsel & Elinor Ford House, with “more stamina than someone half her age.”

Indeed Dunning says, while she hates to roll out of bed before 9 or 10 a.m., “I can stay up practically all night long.”

A round of stretching in the morning, a big bowl of plain oatmeal with a pat of butter, and she's ready to start all over—right foot on the gas pedal, full-tilt toward the next adventure.



Held at the Meadows Hotel on Sunday the 14th of July at 11am.

A mild day with an occasional shower, a good country cruise, 11 Cadillac’s, 67 people attending and therefore some people in their daily driver.

A separate room was set up for us, great service, good food and a very pleasant country pub set the scene for a most enjoyable and sometimes noisy atmosphere.

With the meeting opened at 11.15am, the minutes of the last meeting were read by Colleen and confirmed as a true record.

Colleen’s Secretary’s Report was followed by Kym’s Treasurer’s Report and Derek’s President’s Report. (Refer to our website: for further details)

We now have 87 members, offered 10 cruises for the year, for members to enjoy and are financially in a good viable position.

A hot meal lunch was then served with the necessary drinks and coffee also consumed. During this time Lindo, Nick and Lynton with other members helped to organise the raffle and silent auction items.

Many prizes were offered to a lot of laughter and $720.00 was raised for the club funds – so a big thank you to the many members who contributed items.

New members of  Neil and Jill Lockwood were welcomed (Hope your knee is better Neil), model Cadillac’s put on show for people to enjoy and the normal chatter, and circulating amongst the many friends this club enjoys resulting in most members staying until 3.30/4.00pm.

A great day and a big thank you to Honey and Peter for organising it and also to the very pleasant and amicable staff of Deb and Paul at the Hotel and a certificate of Appreciation was presented to them by the President.

Well done to everybody who attended and made it a day to remember.



Interesting Cadillac fact!

1981 - In August, Telecom Australia launched the first public automatic mobile phone system (PAMTS) in Melbourne, following with a Sydney launch in November.

Abbreviated to MTS or just 007 (after the telephone number prefix), this service was fully automatic but not cellular. In mobile phone generation terms it was a 0G service.

This was a car phone system only. It involved a radio transmitter attached to the boot of each subscriber's car and a handset with a large cradle inside the car. A system cost $4,990 to buy and install with a $350 connection fee and annual access fee of $800.



Sunday 16th June was a beautiful sunny day and out of nowhere, Lindo picked it to cruise to Lower Light – well done Lindo.

10 cars met at Birkenhead at 10am for a cuppa, a biscuit and a chat and it was good to see Eugene Lepore and family in their beautifully presented white 1957 Eldorado and his son Andrew and family with the 1959 red Series 62 Coupe.

It was interesting to note the numbers of people having breakfast at the Birkenhead Hotel and surprisingly (I don’t know why??) to see the sculls and canoes being rowed on the river.

By 11am it was time to cruise over the new Port Bridge and along the Port River Express Way with its wetlands and bird life before turning left at the salt flats to the Port Wakefield Rd.

Streamed out as we were to allow other vehicles in-between us it certainly had the effect of lots of Cadillac’s cruising the highway.

Parking at the Hotel soon filled up, because Bill’s car was waiting for us – so now we were 11 cars- much to the surprise of the locals at the sheer size of the cars and the Hotel provided a table long enough to take us all.

Soup, an excellent roast of lamb, pork and beef with sweets if required kept everybody filled and it was a credit to the new owners that everything was conducted without a hitch.

With a reminder that it would be really good to see such a great group of members at the AGM it was time to move on to Virginia Nursery before time for home with the contentment of knowing that we’d had another great and well organised day!


10. Agenda Clare Valley Weekend



· Meet  at Munno Para Shopping Centre – 1 P.M.   for those who would like to convoy

· Leave at 2 P.M.

· Arrive  around  3 P.M.

· Register at Clare Valley Motel (74a Main Road – Clare)

· Do your own thing till dinner.



NOTE: admission fee to visit Martindale Hall is to be paid for by the Club


· 9. A.M. Breakfast at “The Little Red Grape” Café

· Visit Seven Hills Winery

· Visit Emu Rock Lookout

· Visit  “lookout” at Neagles Rock. Cruise to Farrel Flat to

*view old historic cars & Light

   Lunch at Gally’s Café


Cruise to Historic Town of MINTARO

· Visit Martindale Hall

· Explore the Maze in Mintaro

· Evening – BBQ at Clare Valley Motel




· 10 A.M. Breakfast at “Top Shop Café’ in the heart of Clare

On the way home……………

Visit  TAYLORS Award Winning Winery



The Bulletin Issue 5

Rob Chisolm’s 1927 Series 314, Victoria Coupe-Picking up post from the Old Talem Bend Post Office

1. From the President

Cooler weather for great driving. Air conditioner problem fixed but how come the heater isn’t working properly – Ah! The joys of it.

The website now appears to be OK and any critique/suggestions would be welcomed. It doesn’t cost us anything which limits it as far as the amount of content, although I believe “Cloud Technology” will help – and I always believed they were fluffy white things in the sky!!


2. From the Secretary

Well here we are, well into May. We seem to say it all the time 'doesn't time move so fast these days' but it is so true. I can't believe we are only about six weeks short of half way through the year already!

Once again I am pleased to be able to announce a couple of new members to our ranks. We would like to welcome Neil & Jill Lockwood from Moana. Neil & Jill own a 1959 Coupe DeVille. I know Neil has been looking for a '59 for a while, so now that you have found your Caddy Neil, we hope to see you cruisin' with us soon.

Our other new members are Tony and Tarsha Rossi from Newton. Tony and Tarsha own not one but two Caddies. They have a 1960 DeVille Sedan and a 1966 DeVille Convertible. Tony and Tarsha are fellow club member Nick Rossi's brother & sister-in-law who finally caved in at Nicks insistence and joined up after having come on a few of our runs in the past.

A couple of other things of interest. The Bay to Birdwood committee is looking for volunteers from anyone interested in helping to stage this year's "Classic" being held on 29th September. A volunteers registration form can be found on their website or I could send a form to anyone interested.

Also, an invitation has been sent to any club member who may be interested in taking part in the Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge "Twin Bridges Rally" also in September. Once again I can send a registration form to anyone who would like to take part.

Well folks, don't let the little bit of coolish, kind of wet and miserable, dark wintery, downright depressing foreboding oncoming winter get to you. No, on the contrary, tear the covers off your Caddy and get her out of the shed. I can guarantee it will not only make you feel a whole lot better, but it will also put a smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to see her slipping by.

Keep Cruisin' Colleen


The Bulletin Issue 4

1. From the President


At long last some cooler weather – I quite like the heat but like most, the humidity is a pain – in fact I didn’t meet anybody who told me they were going to live in Queensland in our recent heat wave – BUT, let’s face it – S.A. is the best place anyway.

More new members joining up so I thought I’d tell you what they get from us once they have joined the Cadillac Club:

· Instructions on putting the car thru’ Regency Park – if not done so

· What’s involved with conditional registration

· Details of our Authorising Officers

· Copies of the last 2 Bulletins

· The Events Calendar

· The flyer for the next event

· The book – “The 40 year history of Cadillac”

· The committee members booklet

· A copy of the LaCad magazine

AND of course – a welcoming letter.

On a personal note – I have just extended my office lease for 5 years – moral – enjoy what your doing – Retirement?? All retirees never have enough time in the day!! So I’ll keep working – well that’s what I tell Margaret.

HEALTH – I believe David Trembath’s knee replacement has been a success – believe me, it will fully bend in the end and it’s also good to see Bill’s shoulder on the mend (hang in there) – sorry.

Thank you to everybody that has contributed to this edition.


You’ll notice that there is a report on the Irish Day Parade in which 2 off our members took part, to ferry some young ladies around.

So requests please, if any member is going to a car show/parade could you please take some photos and send them to me with a brief description - [email protected]. The description part seems to daunt some people – REMEMBER, I'm a real estate agent that can write or enhance a story about a rather dull or run-down property – so rest assured – your story will be good.

LACAD MAGAZINE A bit disappointed that we didn’t have a bit more space for the photos we sent. – Answer make ‘em better with a better description. – Yes! There is a solution to EVERYTHING – BE POSITIVE


2. From the Secretary

Now just in case you were wondering why this Bulletin is a little late this month, it may be because Derek has been waiting patiently for this report...hope it was worth the anticipation!

Each Bulletin I try make sure I make mention of any new members, and it seems that most months we seem to have at least one new member. This month I am  pleased to introduce John Langer & Ros Barnett from Ironbark. John & Ros own a 1965 De Ville Coupe. Hope to see you on a run soon guys.


Fresh from last weekend's 'GM Day' run to Tanunda, all who attended had a great day, relaxing under the shade tents and catching up with other club members, a few of us even ventured out into the beautiful sunshine to have a look at some of the 'other' GM branded cars! From all reports there were some pretty cool cars to be seen, must admit I have a soft spot for some of the early Holden's who were well represented as usual.


Special mentions must go to two of our own club members who each took home a trophy. Once again Bill Phillips for his beautiful 1957 Coupe, just another one to put with the collection Bill, well done. Also Maurice Kernich from Renmark took one home for his 1959 Flat top sedan. Not bad considering that it is only the second time it has seen a club run!


That's a wrap.

Keep Criusin'



3. Irish Day Parade - Saturday 16th March 2013

Once again our club provided support for the Irish Club and their St Patrick's Day Parade Celebration. Bob Williams with his gorgeous 1973 Eldorado Convertible and Ian Robertson with his 1965 DeVille Convertible were joined by two Thunderbird Convertibles out front of St Mary's college in Grote Street where we were loaded up with Irish Roses - girls who were competing for the chance to represent the Club in Ireland.


The parade commenced at 10.00am lead off by bands, Irish dancing groups, St Patrick himself to be sure, to be sure, tee hee, tee hee, floats, our cars with the Roses and yet more dancers and floats. Our route took us along Grote Street, right into Morphett Street, left into Gouger Street, right into King William Street and finally to the Irish Club in Carrington Street.


Spectators were down in numbers this year due to all the madness going on in March, but still there was lots of waving and support for the parade, and especially the girls.


4. Series 62 and Eldorado

Derek called me the other day. "Ian, you know, I look at all the different models of Cadillac's in the back of the Members' Directory and I see things like Series 62, Eldorado, Eldorado Biarritz and a whole lot of others.  What's a Series 62? What's an Eldorado Biarritz? I wouldn't have a clue!  Could you write something up for the Bulletin for me?"


An innocent enough sounding question, but where to start?  There are literally hundreds of different styles within Model/Type/Series going all the way back to the start of Cadillac in 1902/03.  For example, in the period 1902 to 1908, Models were designated A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,K,L,M,S,or T depending on configuration.  And they could be had in many different body styles.


In 1915 Cadillac changed from "Model" to "Type" so there was the Type 51 in 1915 to Type 53 in 1916. And so on. Wow, how do I start to even think about explaining all this is simple terms right through to today's era.  A huge job methinks.  So I considered a different approach.  Starting at Derek's first question "What is a Series 62?" would be a good way to look at this challenge. So just what is a Series 62 Cadillac?


Introduced in 1940, the Series 62 was the entry level to the Cadillac range.  It had a new "Torpedo" body which was quite a radical change from the offerings of years previous. Although it was the entry level model it still offered a good range of options and came with the same 346 ci engine of all other Cadillac's of the year. It was available as a sedan, convertible sedan, coupe or convertible coupe. The Series 62 remained as the entry level right through to 1965 when it became the "Calais". The model was dropped at the end of the 1976 model year.


The "DeVille" name was introduced in 1949 to coincide with the introduction of the overhead valve V8.  The DeVille was distinguished from the Series 62 by a higher level of interior trim and exterior bright work. The name continued through to 2006 when it was superceded by "DTS" or DeVille Touring Sedan.  This was then superseded in 2012 by the current name "XTS".  It, too, is only available as a sedan.


In 1938 Cadillac's Bill Mitchell released his masterpiece "Series 60 Special" which made everything else on the road look obsolete. It had very distinctive lines with chrome around the windows, squared off roof line and overall stunning looks. It had a big influence on car designs in the future. For 1938 the "Sixty Special" or "38-60S" was only offered in one style but in the next few years was available in no less than 11 different styles. The name went through a number of different changes over many years.  Initially it was referred to as a Fleetwood or Fisher, depending on the literature.  Later in the 1950's it was known as a "Fleetwood 60 Special" while still later, when equipped with a vinyl roof and upgraded interior trim, it was known as a "Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham". Later still it became known simply as the "Fleetwood" or "Fleetwood Brougham" depending on the option package selected at time of purchase. The name was dropped after the completion of the 1996 model year.


"Eldorado" conjures up images of gold, luxury, and wealth. The name Eldorado comes from the Spanish words el dorado, meaning "the gilded one" [or the golden man]. (ref Cadillac Database). Cadillac first put the name on a special convertible show car in 1952.  In 1953 they released a limited production convertible named "El Dorado" but, according to the Cadillac Database, quickly changed it to "Eldorado". The name continued unchanged until 1956 model year when Cadillac introduced a coupe version name "Eldorado Seville".  At the same time they added "Biarritz" to the convertible name. Both models carried the names "Biarritz" or "Seville" on the upper front fenders.


In 1957 Cadillac introduced the hugely expensive "Eldorado Brougham" sedan. It was the most expensive production car available in the USA and was especially designed to compete directly with (read knock out) the competition. Chassis were shipped to Italy to have a hand built body fitted and then flown back to the USA for sale. Cadillac is rumoured to have lost

many thousands of dollars per vehicle sold. 1957 and 1958 models were nearly identical, but the 1959 and 1960 models were quite different. Production of the Eldorado Brougham sedan ceased in the 1960 model year.


The name "Eldorado" was used through each decade  until the end of the 2002 model year. It appeared on convertibles and coupes.  Even the name "Biarritz" was attached to an Eldorado coupe in the eighties, even though it was not a convertible, as in 1956.

The "Fleetwood" name is steeped in history, but to cut a long story short, the specialist body building company was purchased by General Motors around 1929 who had this to say in a 1929 Cadillac brochure: "… today the great traditions are notably reanimated in the custom-body work designed and executed in the shops of Fleetwood, in America - a community of craftsmen whose forebears emigrated from the Lancashire town of the same name, which was founded by the celebrated Fleetwood family which flourished in England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries."

 Cadillac had bodies built by the Fisher Division and Fleetwood division, the latter building the more specialised bodies - for example the Series 90 V16 in the 30's. As mentioned above the Fleetwood name was associated with the 60 Special, but it was also associated with Series 70, Series 72, Series 80, Series 85, Series 90 (which had all disappeared by 1940) and the huge and long running Series 75 Sedans and Limousines which were produced from 1936 to 1987.

Today the Series 62 (Calais), Deville, Sixty Special, Eldorado and Series 75 are no more. Now there are names like ATS, CTS, XTS, SRX and Escalade and all the variations that they offer.  For example the CTS can be had as a Sport Sedan, CTS-V Sedan (Hot, hot, hot), CTS Coupe, CTS-V Coupe, CTS Sport Wagon, and CTS-V Sport Wagon.  Can't you already hear Derek = "Helllllppppp!"


Cheers,  Ian


APRIL        McLAREN  VALE  VINTAGE & CLASSIC-  Sunday  April 28th — Unofficial Club Event

MAY           CRUISE TO OLD TAILEM TOWN- Sunday May 5th. 

Morning tea at Statenborough Aged Care Facility and after, a leisurely cruise up the freeway to visit a real Pioneer village. We can park our cars in the streets and take photos. Includes  BBQ  Lunch  supplied by our club.  Flyer already published.  ORGANISERS- Lindo & Nick.

 JUNE           WINE TOUR & PROGRESSIVE LUNCH- Sunday June 16th

We gather in a car park and take a bus to  one of South Australia’s finest wine regions to wine and dine all day……what a life! ORGANISER- Samantha.

 JULY          A.G.M.-  July 14th  @ Meadows Hotel, in the beautiful Adelaide Hills Visit the markets in the morning, just a short walk from the Hotel and then  back to pub for the meeting and a  delicious lunch.      ORGANISERS- Peter & Honey.      



A number of people have queried a clash of dates with our cruises/runs and other events.

This was discussed at the Beach Run and the number of other events in Adelaide is staggering so if we tried not to clash we’d probably get one cruise per year.

We’ll try not to clash with major events – e.g. Bay to Birdwood but otherwise it will have to be – make your own choice as to which one you wish to go on. Please remember if you go to an alternative event, it will be appreciated if you can take some photos – and a small write up which will be of interest to everybody.


7. The story of our ‘59

27 years ago, Life Magazine published a special issue celebrating the ‘Ten Best and Ten Worst American Cars Ever’. The entire 1959 range made it onto the worst list and was described as ‘something out of the Buck Rodger’s School of Transportation’. It is true you either love them or hate them; we obviously love them. Our car was built on the 6th of September, 1959, painted Georgian blue metallic with blue Camden cloth and a blue leather interior. Original equipment on build sheet was listed as air conditioner, heater, radio, 6-way power seats, E-Z-Glass, fog lamps and door guard.

It featured Uniroyal white wall tyres and was delivered to Geo Olsen Cadillac of San Francisco and sold to Lila and Ernest Lively, 104 Elm Street, Westwood California, registration number SNC 173. Ernest had a workshop and rarely drove the car, travelling 33,000 miles in nineteen years before he passed away in 1978. His widow did not drive and the 2-door was locked away until she too passed away in 1987. When the old wooden barn was opened, it was an inch deep in dust, and we have the photos to prove it. The car was sold to Charlie  Carrol of Chico California and remained part of his collection until 2008 when it left California for the first time to make its way to Michael Kiss of Sydney Australia with an astonishing 36,000 miles on the speedo. The car had a repaint in 1988 to tidy it up and a refresher in 2008 in Sydney. There has never been any major bodywork or rust repairs done to those massive acres of sheet metal, however the dash, front and rear seats have been re-trimmed in original material; they were sun affected. The roof lining and door trims are still just as God intended (I’m sure Cadillac’s couldn’t have been built by mere humans).  The engine has been fully rebuilt to accept unleaded and like all Cadillac’s run like a clock. Some stainless and chrome has been refurbished and some still remains untouched. We purchased the car on the 24th of January 2011 from a reluctant seller to become only the fourth registered owner in 52 years. Michael sold the car due to a life threatening illness and lack of finances to complete the finishing touches the car still required. He actually interviewed potential buyers before allowing them to ask any questions. The purchase finally brought to an end a twenty year dream of cruising around in one of these iconic vehicles. Reality is so much better where Cadillac’s are concerned and this ’59 Coupe de Ville has travelled about 6,000 miles in two years since we have owned it. Love it or hate it? We love it! And I guess that’s all that matters, but the car is quite popular wherever it goes and certainly gets more positive feedback than negative.

Most frequently asked question, ‘How much does it cost to run?’
Most frequent answer, ‘Who cares!’

Only someone who doesn’t own a Cadillac actually asks that.

Well as I can’t write and drive at the same time, enough writing, sun is shining, time to drive.

Alby and Dianne

8. BEACH DAY – 17TH MARCH 2013

The weather was cooler but fine, the reserve was very well looked after and in fact there were approx another 6 groups enjoying it and we had 20 people for our Brunch day at the beach.

Lynton and Tina set up a tent although Neville and Kathryn who live close by had theirs ready in case we needed another one. Some arrived for breakfast and some for lunch which made it an interesting day and certainly enjoyable as members were greeted with time to chat about old times and future plans.

Lynton, Tina and girls took to the ice blocks, i.e. sitting on one and sliding down the grass hill. The girls were good with not too many spills but HEY!! The master skid merchant Lynton took over to much applause for his skills.– Lynton is there anything you cant do?

It was good to see Peter Dicken join us, Pat Staltori, also Lou Marafioti and family.

Ross took out dress of the day in his green everything – WOW! does Ross know how to colour co-ordinate.

It was a most relaxing, chatty and very enjoyable day. – thanks Lynton again – although what do people see in looking at the sea? I live in the hills with great views over the city – but the sea – boring from my point of view – why is the price of real estate so much more – of course I don’t care when I have one for sale.

9. Just a laugh 

small boy is sent to bed by his father.
Five minutes later.....'Da-ad...'
'I'm thirsty. Can you bring a drink of water?'
'No, You had your chance. Lights out.'
Five minutes later: 'Da-aaaad.....'
'I'm THIRSTY. Can I have a drink of water??'
'I told you NO! If you ask again, I'll have to smack you!!'
Five minutes later......'Daaaa-aaaad.....'
'When you come in to smack me, can you bring a drink of water?'

Understanding the Male Psyche

This is a story which is perfectly logical to all males:

A wife asks her husband: "Could you please go shopping for me and buy one carton of milk,
and if they have avocados, get 6?"

A short time later the husband comes back with 6 cartons of milk.

The wife asks him, "Why did you buy 6 cartons of milk?"

He replied, "They had avocados.

(If you're female, I'm sure you're going back to read it again. Males will get it the first time


10. Other business 

POSITION VACANT— Treasurer—Kim will be standing down at the AGM.

Anybody interested?

CLUB CLOTHING—Polo shirts are available see Lynton Smith.

SPONSORS—I’m working on it—any suggestions?

ANYBODY RESTORING? - Need help or advice, give me a call. Derek

SOME IDEAS FOR THE BULLETIN—Like all club magazines it’s sometimes hard to fill it.

The New Zealand magazine shows photos of:

1. different dashboards

2. different fins

3. different chrome fronts different seating

So on the next cruise make sure your car is clean inside because I’ll be snooping and taking photos., Derek

BAY TO BIRDWOODThe route has been changed for the classic, it will be going up the freeway but stay on the old route for the Vintage etc. – why don’t they just put the costs up so that there can be sufficient policing!!!

The Bulletin Issue 3

From The President

The successful All American Day gathering saw some new members and family attending and the 34 Cadi’s lined up looked spectacular.

We certainly know how to put on a show.

This is the start of our Cruise calendar with the next one being more of a gathering of the clan at 196 Esplanade, Seacliff. The flyer has been sent out and an interesting aspect of the day will be the hiring of ice blocks to sit on and slide down a grassy hill. Sounds cool (sorry).

I’m pleased to say that our website is 99% there. Its been sent to committee members for critique and was favourable received, it should be out this week. (Friday 22nd February)

We believe that we have overcome the problem of emailing the Bulletin to everybody – we need to keep it to about 650kb to 700kb and with the help of Ian Robertson we can now adjust the photos to fit it in.

Somebody mentioned to me that I’m now the same age as my Cadillac – how did I get here so quick?



 P.S. Everybody always asks me – how is real estate doing?  Well I’m pleased to say its starting to look better.

Normally when an election is called it dries up a bit – BUT – fingers crossed, there’s no sign of that happening at the moment.



From The Secretary

Well here we are again, a month slips by so quickly I feel as though I have only just finished writing up January's report!


Well done to Lynton and Bill for organizing All American Day. Once again thanks to Peter & Honey for the finer details of the catering and shade tents. Thanks also to Kim for the ordering and delivery of the yummy BBQ chicken we all tucked into, pity he wasn't there to enjoy it with us.

If you didn't get there you missed a good day. It was hot...and so were some of the cars. Depending on what time of the day you had a count up, we had somewhere around 32 to 35 Caddies in our display.

A couple of long distant participants who we need to mention. Once again Roger Rich and his partner Barb made it all the way from Ballarat Victoria, Also Murray Saunders and his partner Angie made the journey from Mt. Gambier again and for the first time on a club run Maurice and son Tony Kernick left home at 3:00am from Renmark in Maurice's newly restored 1959 Series 62 Flat top Sedan. Well done to all of you and rest assured we all appreciate the effort you make - especially considering the 39 degree day we all had to endure!


This month we welcome back, Charlie & Lisa Sapio from Gawler South. They are the proud owners of a 1959 Series 62 Coupe. Now and then we have members who for one reason or another sell their Caddies and leave the club, now and then, sometimes they just have to get another and who can blame them!


Keep Cruisin'




Time For a Laugh

A couple were lying in bed together on the morning of their tenth wedding anniversary when the wife says, 'Darling, as this is such a special occasion, I think that it is time I made a confession: Before we were married I was a hooker for eight years.'

The husband ponders for a moment and then looks into his wife's eyes and says, 'My love, you have been a perfect wife for ten years! I cannot hold your past against you, maybe you could show me a few tricks of the trade and spice up our sex life a bit?'

She said, 'I don't think you understand, my name was Brian and I played rugby for Wales. .


Two senior ladies met for the first time since graduating from high school. One asked the other, "You were always so organized in school, did you manage to live a well planned life?"

"Oh yes," said her friend. "My first marriage was to a millionaire; my second marriage was to an actor; ,my third marriage was to a preacher; and now I'm married to an undertaker."

Her friend asked, "What do those marriages have to do with a well planned life?"

"One for the money, two for the show. three to get ready and four to go."


Conditional Registration

At a meeting of the Authorizing Officers on Sunday 10th February.

It was decided:

1. There will be no change for the issue or re-issue of log books

2. This was hard, because conditions vary but there will be a small charge for inspection of vehicles if they have to travel outside of the metropolitan area.  This is to cover the time involved and travel costs – probably $20.


All American Day

Another great meeting although the near 40° in the shade meant it was very hot in the sun to walk about.

We had 34 Cadi’s attend and about 100 people gathered under the tent cover provided by Peter and Honey with smaller ones by other members.

We certainly stood out on top of the hill with the flag flying and fronted by all those Cadi’s – someone raised the issue of which way to point the cars – I think the way we do it is fine, because one of the Cadi’s appeals are the fins and tails at the rear of the cars.

The chicken and salad lunch was very tasty and suited the hot conditions. Once lunch was served, attending committee members were introduced as were 2 new members of Martin & Vicki and Ken & Caterina.

Some of the children were very keen to be able to pick prize winners with the top prize of a ticket for 2  to any Hoyts cinema going to ………….followed by another 7 prizes of donations by members varying from bottles of wine to gold plated Cadi keys. Contact John Cooper he will throw some light on their use.

This was a special day for Ian Robertson as it was his birthday, a cake was cut and the song was sung and best wishes conveyed.

This Thursday is Alma’s birthday so it’s a week of celebrations for the Robertson family although at our mature age it’s usually WOW!! Where did last year go?

A small gift was also presented to Rodger Rich and Barbara Elton as a thank you for travelling from Ballarat to join us.

Having only been in the Club for a short time I am constantly pleased to see the sincere friendships that have been built up over time by just owning and then mixing with Cadi people.

A special; thank you must also go to Lynton for the organising of the event – we knew who he was from his star bangled attire, to Honey and Peter for their assistance with the event, to the lady members for their salads and finally for all the people who stayed to pull down the tents.



A Bit of History

The wreath and crest emblem below was the first official trademark of the Cadillac Motor Car Division, though evidence exists that it was used as early as 1904. It was designed after the coat of arms for Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the French explorer who founded the City of Detroit in 1701 and after whom the Division is named.

The choice of this trademark was based on several factors, Cadillac officials proclaimed: “Apart from the purely historical aspect. Every crest is linked with a history in which is enfolded the origin, genealogy, deeds, services, honours and alliances of the gamily bearing it. In all France there are few families more ancient that the Cadillac’s. In both dignity of design and significance of detail the Cadillac coat of arms speaks volumes in courage and honour for the forbearers of the Father of Detroit.”

The coat of arms is divided into two parts – the crown and the shield. The Couronne or Coronet symbolises the six ancient counts of France. The pearls indicate the nobleman’s descent from the royal counts of Toulouse.

The shield is significant of the heroic origin of the Cadillac arms. This is the form in which the coat of arms of the Cadillac family was first displayed by an ancient Holy Crusader. The shield is divided into four sections: first and fourth quarters – gold, a fess (lateral band), able between three merrlettes (small heraldic birds considered sacred to the Trinity), posed two in chief and one in base. Second and third quarters, by the colours used, denote that a marriage added to the fame of the family: red marked prowess and boldness in action; purity, chastity, virtue and plenty of silver.


Events Calendar

March 17th (Sunday) – Beach Yourself – The flyer has gone out.

April 7th (Sunday) – Another Cruise up the Freeway to Old Tailem Town – Discussions are underway to have a different type of start, details to follow.

October – Clare – Weekend Sleep out – Wineries, Martindale Hall and Mintaro. Looks like the weekend of 19th October. Confirming details at the moment but put it in your diary.



Irish Parade – only 1 volunteer so far – need 3-4 convertible Cadi’s to carry an Irish Rose girl as passenger on 16th March.


McLaren Vale Vintage & Classic – April 28th 2013 – Beautiful cars, great wines, further info on

Cadillac’s Cruzin Cross the Nullarbor – departing the Gold Coast on 23rd March 2014 and arrive ready for the “Cadillac Nationals” starting on 9th April to 14th April 2014 in Busselton, Western Australia – join us for the trip of a Life Time! American TV show “Tail Fins & Chrome” will be filming the 15 day cruise. For more information please visit or phone Milton 0438 876 467.
The Bulletin Issue 2

From The President

Happy & Healthy New Year to all our members.

Another year has come to the end and Christmas has been and gone. Hope Father Christmas was good to you and that those who had a break over this time had a relaxing time.

Our first cruise is the All American Day and a number of new members say they are going to attend. So it should be a great day to meet and greet and talk and eat.

The rest of the year is packed with some great cruises so get the cobwebs off your Cadi and join us for a drive

Your committee met on Sunday 13th January at 10.30am, at the local zoo and carried forward and discussed the following matters:

· An interesting article from the Street Machine Association of S.A. complaining that street rods—(very modified vehicles) Club members can have Conditional Registration, but post 1949 & pre 1979 “normal” cars with slight modifications cannot.—Interesting.

· WEBSITE—We’re nearly there. Articles will be:

  • Forthcoming events
  • Past events (3)
  • Conditional Registration
  • Home ( to cover items that may arise occasionally)
  • Contact us
  • Committee members
  • The Bulletin
  • Club History
  • For Sales or Wanted
  • Links

· ALL AMERICAN DAY—Our meet and chat and welcome to new members-all with free food (except BYO Salad). A special area for us to show off our cars and a marquee to shelter under.—Details to follow.

· FACEBOOK-It was thought that at this stage we’ll rely on the website and The Bulletin for communication.

· CLUB NOTES—We will be putting details of cruises as they arise in the club notes in The Advertiser. This may welcome non-members to join us.

· THE BULLETIN—Has been well received and is forwarded monthly to LaCad Magazine who have been very complimentary about it.

 · STICKERS—We have window stickers showing that we are members of The Cadillac Club of Australia—South Australian Region Inc. Obtain yours at the All American Day (Small charge). We are also ordering a small sticker to put on your windscreen where the Rego Sticker used to be—to remind you when your Rego is due.!!!!!!!!! Funny old world isn't it?

· NEW MEMBERS—it was reported that 8 new people have or are applying for membership.

Past minutes were approved and the Treasurer informed that we are in a good financial position.




From the Secretary

Christmas Greetings to all. We hope you like the new format of our monthly newsletter and that you will find it informative as we endeavor to keep our members up to speed with all the latest news and information. Some months I am sure will seem more interesting than others however rest assured our club is alive and kicking and we are only too pleased to be able to share the latest happenings via our Bulletin.

We have three new members who have joined our club since November. We extend a very warm welcome to Michael Agostino from Paradise. Michael owns a 1976 Eldorado Convertible. Evangelos Polymeneas from Blair Athol also joined in November. Evangelos owns a 1976 Calais Coupe. Our most recent new member Raymond Renwood from Fitzroy joined up in the last couple of weeks. Raymond owns a 1957 Coupe Deville.

Hopefully we will get to meet our new members and their Caddies soon.

As our Bulletin develops so too will the quality and quantity of info, so on that note we will get this one out to our eager readers and keep working on the next one.

Just one last note. May you all have a very happy Christmas and safe and prosperous new year. Keep Cruising in your Caddies, this is the best time of the year for it so make the most of it.




1. A bit of History..

It’s remarkable what a little celebrity provenance can do for a car. To some Cadillac enthusiasts, the four-door, five-passenger town sedan is not the most desirable body style of the Model 341 range.  Yet, one example alleged to have been modified for gangster Al Capone recently sold for $341,000, well above what Cadillac V-8s of that era typically fetch.

What’s even more remarkable is that the car’s ties to Capone aren’t as solid as one would expect from a typical celebrity-owned car. RM Auctions, in its description for the 1928 Cadillac, claims that “the provenance of the ‘Al Capone’ armoured Cadillac has never been questioned,” but actual ownership documentation only dates back to 1933 and the strongest evidence that this particular car belonged to Capone comes from the son of the man who allegedly installed the flip-down bulletproof backlight when the car was new. Then again, even a man as brazen as Capone wouldn’t exactly splash his name across his car, and the Cadillac does still feature nearly inch-thick bulletproof glass and a flip-down bulletproof backlight (steel plate used as body armour within the door panels had been removed during a late 1950s or early 1960s restoration), making it – according to RM – one of the earliest known examples of an armoured sedan.

At one time exhibited in carnivals across America and in England as a Capone car, the Cadillac eventually returned to the United States in the mid-1960s and passed through a number of museums – the Niagara Falls Antique Auto Museum, the Cars of the Greats museum, and the Smoky Mountain Car Museum – before the late John O’Quinn added it to his collection in 2006. Offered at a recent RM auction at St. John’s with a $300,000 to $400,000 pre-auction estimate, the Cadillac sold for $341,000, including the 10 percent buyer’s premium. NADA’s stated value for a 1928 Cadillac Model 341 four-door town sedan is $41,200. – courtesy of Hemmings Daily photographed by Theo



Barrossa Cruise


It was a fantastic weekend at Mt. Gambier. Toni & I arrived just after midday. We had lunch at Jen’s hotel in the heart of town and then checked in to our room at the Presidential Motel.  We discovered Honey, Peter and Debbie were already there. They left home at 5 a.m. Were they keen or what! There was another group led by Ian & Alma followed by John Lucas, Ross & Murray Delaine and Bob & Maxine who took the scenic route thru Robe And Beachport showing off their cars.  Good on you guys. Hope you got plenty of onlookers.  When we all got together we had eleven Cadillac’s, two everyday drivers and around 20 people enjoying their time together.

     We all gathered for dinner at Mac’s Hotel on Thursday evening……well, all except for Roger Rich. Unfortunately, he had a flat tyre on his 84 Eldorado which also did a bit of damage to the under guard.  So he rang his good friend to pick it up with his flat bed. He went home to pick up his 78 Seville. They finally got here at around 11p.m.

      Friday morning, we all took off for Nelson, a short half hour drive south east of Mt. Gambier, across the border into Victoria. There, we boarded the Nelson Explorer on the Glenelg River. (Those Victorians stole the name of our most popular beach to name their river).

     Anyway, after a leisurely cruise, we disembarked to take a 50 metre climb thru scrub. As we climbed the steps, a bluey crossed our path and an echidna was seen only half a metre from the path. Both scurried off into the scrub after hearing us humans coming.  They must have heard us whingeing about how steep the climb was. We got to the top and took a tour of the Princess Margret Rose Cave……. What happens in there is truly amazing.

        Within an hour, we were back on the boat and cruising down the Glenelg River again.  Friday night was dinner at the RSL. Murray had organized our own room. The meals were great and good value too.

   Later in the evening, we took a trip to the Umpherstone Sink Hole. Led by little Millie (Murrays daughter), we fed the possums and admired the scenery and serenity of the place whilst take in the smell of wood being processed at the mill next door.

      Saturday morning was morning tea at the Mt. Gambier Veteran & Vintage Car Club. Nice little place, still in the process of renovations. It was full of bus seats……………I thought we were going somewhere. Then it was off to the towns Xmas pageant. We had 3 members participating, Ross in his spiffy looking 74 Eldorado, Roger in his 78 Seville Mafia car and Peter in his big black limo. Check out the photos.

     After the pageant, we cruised south to the beautiful town of Pt. MacDonnell  for lunch. Most of us had seafood and it was delicious, highly recommended. Then it was on to Feasts Classic Car Collection & Memorabilia where we saw what is probably the biggest collection of Valiant’s in South Australia. And there was plenty of memorabilia. There was a massive collection of key rings hanging on the wall. We were all wondering how they keep the dust away. Checkout the mummy, the skeleton and the body in the coffin in the attachments.

     For dinner, we were back at the Mt. Gambier Veteran & Vintage Car Club for a BBQ, presentations and social chit chat with the local car enthusiasts.

     Sunday morning saw a tour to the Engelbrecht caves before taking the long drive home.  A few of us decided to stay an extra day to do our own thing and return on Monday.

      I must say, well done to Murray Saunders and Honey & Peter. They did a truly fantastic job in organizing the weekend. They spent a lot of their own time organizing activities, dinners, prizes, and goodie bags.



Questions & Answers

New Members

Q: How do we introduce new members and how do we get members we rarely see to come on our cruises?

A: Normally new members would come to a monthly meeting, be introduced etc. and initiated, but of course we don’t have them.

Some suggestions to encourage new members:

· Invite them on a cruise

· Meet with an Authorizing Officer or committee member who lives locally

· Give Cadi owners you know our new Bulletin

· Certainly give them an events calendar  AND of course our new Committee Booklet

Q: Why do we want new members?

A: At the moment we get 15-18 cars to a cruise—out of 60 in the club. 10 new members may increase it to 20-25. A number of members are in clubs for the conditional membership. Perhaps as the new rules take effect it may get them off the couch and on to a cruise.

To the members who rarely come:

· When they are having their cars inspected for conditional registration talk to them about participating in the club. (In hindsight this is a now a great opportunity)

I’ve introduced this section so that you can email any concerns or questions you have. I can put them in the next Bulletin with my thoughts whilst giving you all the chance to email me the answer for the following Bulletin.